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  • Step One

    1. You Must Meet The Following Criteria To Be Eligible For The Program:

      Elderly, Disabled, Veteran, Widow or Widower.

    2. This program is a partnerships between organizations who continue to make a difference in the community. This program is volunteer based dates and times will be given with availability of volunteers.
    3. This will help us determine when our volunteers need to service your lawn.
    4. Check all that apply to you:*
    5. Photographic Subject Release
      I hereby grant the Keep Odessa Beautiful, Public and Media Relations Office, the right to photograph members, employees, officers, and/or any agents participating in Keep Odessa Beautiful events and to use or authorize the use of the photo for promotional purposes as related to Keep Odessa Beautiful produced publications and materials and external publications and materials where Keep Odessa Beautiful would release use of the photo to support information about Keep Odessa Beautiful programs and services. I hereby acknowledge that no fee is payable by Keep Odessa Beautiful, Public and Medial Relations Office, for the appearance or resulting distribution, and that the provisions of this release are legally binding.