Training Facility and Range

OPD Range MasterRange Master Responsibilities

  1. Must maintain Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) firearms instructor standards.
  2. Conduct and document all qualification sessions.
    1. All documentation is forwarded to the Training Coordinator.
    2. Notice of failure to qualify is made to the appropriate Bureau Deputy Chief.
  3. Clean and maintain the firing range facilities.
  4. Provide additional training to all officers, as needed.
  5. Inspect all on-duty and off-duty firearms, on an annual basis, carried by any officer.
  6. Ensure all firearms are in proper working order.
  7. Document all inspections and repairs made to any firearm.
  8. Perform preventative maintenance in accordance with manufacturers' guidelines.

Firing Range

  1. Access to the Weapon Center and firearms range is controlled by the Range Master and certified firearms instructors.
  2. The Range Master or a certified firearms instructor must be present during use of the range and weapons center.
  3. Non-Department personnel must have pre-approval from the Chief of Police for use of the range.
  4. All damage to the range must be reported to the Range Master or certified firearms instructor.
  5. The firearms instructor, regardless of rank, shall be in command of all personnel on the range and responsible for overall safety at the range.
  6. The firearms instructor in charge of a practice or qualification session shall have the authority to remove any person from the range for the safety or himself or others. Any rule violations shall be reported through AIM.